The Complete Clothier

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The Custom Closet (CC) is the core of the TCC line, with a patented engineering and draping appro..

Custom Closet CC200 is a more robust version of the core of the TCC product line, using and exten..

The Custom Closet CC300 application engine was designed for the person that wishes to create high..

Matilda contains the 3D rendering functions for garment display and design. This application can be ..

This pattern line contains a small group of handbags and purses, totes and organizers ..

This pattern line is a sampler of the types of accents available in the TCC product line...

Accents that apply to work and school are featured in this line...

Hobbyists and home comfort are the target of the accents in this line...

Accents that are ideally suited for gift-giving have been selected for this pattern line...

The patterns in this line have been selected to offer a good range of gift-giving items for the stud..

This line contains a group of 30+ main patterns that provide a good foundation for children's garmen..

This pattern line contains the 35+ basic garments for men in a foundation line...

The very basic pattern line contains a group of approximately 20 patterns of basic garments for the ..

This pattern line contains over 300 patterns covering a strong base of pants, skirts, blouses, layer..

A selection of basic children's dresses has been grouped into this pattern line...