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Applications can either be software engines, which use templates, or standalone applications. Both of these types of software components can be found in this category.



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The Custom Closet (CC) is the core of the TCC line, with a patented engineering and draping appro..
Custom Closet CC200 is a more robust version of the core of the TCC product line, using and exten..
The Custom Closet CC300 application engine was designed for the person that wishes to create high..
The TCC Costumer application addresses the needs of the production costumer. It tracks characters, a..
Matilda contains the 3D rendering functions for garment display and design. This application can be ..
The Pre-Production Manager is used to track the progress of a production, while providing management..
The Source Librarian application tracks and monitors vendor and supply information, including vendor..
Stash Inventory provides an engine for the basic tracking of various types of inventory. Many sewing..
This version of Stash Inventory supplements the basic version with RFID and Barcode information. Enh..
The needs of a professional garment maker, small business or production manager often requires the a..
Maintaining a stock of costumes can be very challenging. the Wardrobe Manager maintains costume reco..